Cora Chung

Cora (Yi-Huan) Chung is a composer and cellist from Taiwan. She enjoys being a film-multimedia composer and musician in order to share perspective, beauty, and joy to the world.

She is an alumna in the prestigious Sundance Institute Film Music and Sound Design Lab at Skywalker Sound and has been awarded an Honorary Mention for the 2020 Peer Raben Music Award at Soundtrack Cologne in Germany. In 2021, she received a music grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and was invited to the “Art Of Practice” fellowship at Sundance and Marché du Film “Spot the Composer” program at Cannes Film Festival.

Chung has many years of experience in the classical/orchestral world, but more than anything she loves to try different styles and techniques, to expand her horizons and push her limits. She is an egg lover and gelato eater, and her favorite animals are hippos.