Andy Gray

Andy Gray started out as a pioneering synth programmer in pop and dance music, but with a love of film and film score, quickly moved into the immersive world of scoring to picture. Breaking new ground with Chris Young and Paul Oakenfold on Swordfish, then moving to scoring the main “mini chase” in The Bourne Identity. His music style is wide reaching, working with full orchestras and also solo singers like Liz Frazer. Andy is most at home in his new studio in the UK. He is passionate about his vintage synths and mic collection, alongside a cutting edge composer desk.

As a film composer his credits include Warner Bros’ Swordfish, the rollercoaster film score for CinemaNX’s TT3D:Closer to the Edge, Ian Bonhôte’s thriller Alleycats, NBC Universal’s sci-fi adventure, Hunters and more recently, Netflix’s Count Me In.

Andy has also remixed music to picture for Zoolander, The Matrix, The Bourne Identity and Collateral as well as for Artists including U2, Radiohead, Madonna, Paul Oakenfold, Tori Amos and Gary Numan.