William Ryan Fritch

William Ryan Fritch is an award winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer living in Petaluma, California. Whether it be a Cello, Bassoon, or a piece of scrap metal, William Ryan Fritch treats each and every thing that makes a sound like it is his only and favorite instrument.

Since 2008, Fritch has scored and or/contributed original music to over a hundred documentary and narrative films. As a recording artist and songwriter he has released more than 30 albums of his unique amalgam of folk, contemporary classical, and experimental music both under his own name and under the moniker Vieo Abiungo through the respected independent record label Lost Tribe Sound. As Pop Matters said of one of his recent albums, “Its beauty will leave you fustigated, with raw emotion resonating from every sonic vibration in his expansive timbral arsenal…”

Growing up in a rural area with few musicians to play with, Fritch learned how to compose and play music through recording and overdubbing himself on his father’s old 4 track tape machine. 20 Years later and he’s still remained doggedly self-reliant, refining his craft and expanding his palette to hundreds of traditional, non-western and homemade instruments to the point where he can create unique, organic orchestrations for most any sound world (real or imagined), as a solo endeavor.

He loves sharing food, conversation and music with friends and spending time with his children most of all.