Giles Lamb

Glasgow based, Giles Lamb has always been passionate about music, abandoning medical school in the late 90’s to pursue his dream of being a musician (much to his parents dismay!!).

His passion for sound design and flair for improvisation, combined with his skill in crafting orchestral scores from intimate to epic, contributes to his success as a distinctive composer.

Giles started composing for Theatre before going on to co-founding the renowned ‘Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra’ a large improvising ensemble of around 20 musicians from diverse artistic backgrounds. They perform across UK and Europe and host an annual festival of improvisation. He has produced countless studio albums over the years, embracing technology to find that intersection between classical, jazz and electronic music. As a solo artist, he has released 9 neoclassical albums with many millions of streams of his work on various platforms.

His composing talents are aptly demonstrated by his award-winning score for the Dead Island VG announcement trailer, and his majestic work with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the ongoing Visit Scotland campaign. Further recent credits include Sky’s animation, ‘The Brilliant World of Tom Gates’ and the BBC’s ‘Hushabye Lullabies.’ Giles is also currently creating the music for a Carlsberg centerpiece experience in Copenhagen.

After 25 years as a musician, composer and producer, Giles’ unique musical voice and curiosity is as strong as ever.